About Us

The underpinnings of a welfare society are strongly founded on the equitable distribution of development opportunities. The process of development should bring in its reach every individual regardless of his/her personal attributes. ISRD strongly believes that a positive approach coupled with an effective concern can treat the cause of underdevelopment. ISRD’s activities stem from the conviction and optimism that an earnest effort in the right direction can propel our society along the path of prosperity – social and economical.

ISRD is the brainchild of likeminded professional social workers and scholars from life sciences, engineering, social sciences and management streams. One of the major motivating factors behind the formation of ISRD is to take to the masses the usage of revolutionary innovations in science and technology, health, environment and education.

ISRD has been ceaselessly assisting the needy with its interventions, which are designed to yield economic and social empowerment. ISRD has adopted an integrated development approach that helps beneficiaries to realize multifaceted growth that will, in turn, secure their tomorrows. This is why ISRD actively works on a large array of activities such as awareness creation, capacity building, credit mobilization, local self-governance strengthening, community organization, education, health, agriculture support, conservation of environment etc.

We believe that development of the nation is possible only when the fruits of latest technologies and inventions seep into everyday life of rural people. Socio-economic empowerment of underdeveloped communities is possible only when they are protected from various forms of exploitations.

ISRD is registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act, 1973 as non-profit organization vide 4836/97 on 6th June 1997. It obtained income tax exemption under Act 12 A and 80G exemptions. The organization is entitled to receive foreign funding for development projects under FCRA Registration No. 063160144


"Promotions of communities by facilitate to utilize indigenous knowledge for every individual's livelihood towards self sustaining and empowered community which augments equitable development."


To foster a process of change in favor of the rural/urban poor by helping them build and manage appropriate local institutions rooted in values of justice and equity.

To promote strategies through which livelihoods of households are secured and helping communities to build their own institutions that would augment equitable development.


To Bridge the gap between the fruits of revolutionary technologies from research. Institutions/voluntary organization and individuals to common masses by strengthening the extension services with R&D transfer of technology program, its availability, awareness and promoting with public-private partnership without damaging the vital components of the environment and finally validation at field sites.